Nestled in the very bottom of Germany, Berchtesgaden is an impeccable vacation destination for travelers seeking amazing views, outdoor adventuring, rustic accommodations and lots of history.

Nestled in Southern Bavaria in Germany's Alps, Land Berchtesgaden is only a few short kilometers from the Austrian border, with Salzburg only 40 minutes by car, and Munich and Innsbruck each a little more than two hours away. It is the home of Nationalpark Berchtesgaden - a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - and Konigsee, a pristine Alpine lake is consistently voted one of the best in Europe for swimmers. The area is dotted with small inns and a few resorts and the proper downtown of Berchtesgaden has a number of shops and restaurants, many of which cater to the town's bustling tourism industry.

Most famously it was the resort town of choice of the Nazi high command, which today is remembered at Dokumentation Obersalzberg, a museum in the Obersalzburg built on the former site of Hitler's Berghof, which explores the country and region's Nazi legacy. 

For outdoor enthusiasts it's hard to beat a trip to Berchtesgaden. You'll have access to countless mountain trails, including on Watzmann, Germany's third biggest mountain and throughout the Nationalpark. For less adventurous nature seekers, a boat ride on Konigsee (King's Lake) will take you to the St. Bartholoma church, a famous pilgrimmage site and fantastic example of Catholic-German architecture seen across Bavaria and Austria.