The Outer Banks

No physical place has a more personal importance to me than North Carolina's Outer Banks. I've visited this amazing and reclusive place almost every year of my life and learn something new about it each time. (This year it was that it's the darkest place on the east coast of the United States.)

Over the last few years I have visited over the New Years holiday. I've always enjoyed the beach in the winter, and the Banks are almost completely deserted in the off-season. Great for a getaway, less great for finding a place to eat.

I have tried to photograph these trips with limited success. For one reason or another the photos never grabbed me. This year I made more of an effort, and took film with me. 

These photos are from all over the Banks -- from Kill Devil Hills where the Wright Brothers first took to the skies in an airplane to Ocracoke Island where Blackbeard made his headquarters. They were made with a variety of films, including a roll of Kodak Vericolor that expired in 1990.